Wooden Roofs

Wooden structures with customized designs and adapted to any space.


Wooden Roofs

Our Wooden Roofs are designed and calculated to measure for each case exclusively, which allows the total satisfaction of our customers. Thanks to our computer programs, we made the 3D design of the covers, being able to see the result before installing it.

The wood used meets the requirements for structural use established in the Technical Building Code.

We offer the possibility of placing a deck board with thermal-acoustic insulation, meeting the energy efficiency requirements in each case, obtaining maximum comfort.

We can combine with the placement of skylights, folding roof windows, points of light, etc.

The treatment of the wood is carried out in a mechanized way with water-protective lasures, preventive against the attack of fungi and xylophagous insects, according to UNE-EN 351-1, in colors and finishes to choose.