Equestrian Installations

Design and construction of equestrian facilities. Sale of equipment for installations. Equestrian tracks and boxes for horses.



From Impregnaciones y Montajes we have developed several models of exterior boxes. The experience has made us evolve towards some boxes in which safety and comfort prevail for the horse, the strength and durability of the box maintains a traditional design.




We know the importance of fencing in equestrian facilities. At the time of use, a fencing for horses must take into account basic aspects that will directly affect the safety, health and welfare of horses, as well as facilitate good management of their caregivers.


The arguments to take into account when choosing a type of fence are basically two: suitability and cost. A suitable fence for horses is the one that offers security to animals against possible accidents, is resistant to the action of these and durable over time.



Riding School

The covered riding arena is a tool that allows the daily work of the equine installation, regardless of the weather, because this type of beam provides different fundamental advantages over traditional construction:

Quick installation: they are simple constructions, with beams supported on pillars, belts and cover.

Insurmountable aesthetics: the perimeter enclosure can be of traditional work, of wood or other materials; The covers are also supplied according to the customer’s decision.




High quality walkers can be designed, designed to improve the performance of the horse and its muscular development, safeguarding its safety.